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    Application and environment details:
    Product: OroCommerce Version:1.5
    Operating system : Ubuntu 16.04 Server (64 bits)
    Web server name : Apache 2.4.7
    Database server : MySQL 5.5.57
    PHP version: 7.1

    i have this error in log file :

    thank you.

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    any idea ?



    Hello, Msalmi.kais.

    As I can see from the error log, for some reason the DB connection was lost in one particular running process of ‘oro:message-queue:consumer’ and, as result, the process has exited.

    As result, another running ‘oro:message-queue:consumer’ process found unfinished tasks (Orphans) – a legacy from exited colleague – and add these tasks again to the queue.

    That is the situation, where we can see pros of architecture, that uses message queue – despite the problem with one process, all jobs, probably, had been done successfully.

    If the issue with lost connection in ‘oro:message-queue:consume’ process will appear again – please, let us know in this thread – we will take a more detailed investigation.

    Thank you.



    thank you


    Mauro Chojrin


    I’m getting a lot of critical messages like this.

    I haven’t changed anything to the server and I’ve been getting this alerts for more than an hour… just restarted supervisord but it looks just the same.

    I checked my mysql and it’s up and running…

    What I did found in the logs is a few of this:

    I checked https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41134785/how-to-solve-mysql-warning-innodb-page-cleaner-1000ms-intended-loop-took-xxx and it says that it can be normal, but I never saw it happening before…

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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