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    I am working on the frontend of orocommerce. I dont know how to check the last item in embedded_list.

    this is my code:

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Hello thinh2010,

    To know what item is the last you can override embeded_list_widget twig block and pass standard twig loop variable to the child block
    here the reference for the variable https://twig.sensiolabs.org/doc/2.x/tags/for.html

    To make it working just insert below block type to your twig template

    This is the copy of the original block from https://github.com/orocrm/customer-portal/blob/master/src/Oro/Bundle/FrontendBundle/Resources/views/layouts/blank/layout.html.twig#L197-L237

    The only thing I changed is line 29, with

    Here I passed the standard loop variable that available in any {% for %} loop from the parent block to the child with {% do block|merge_context(context) %}

    Now you can use loop variable in the child items template of embedded_list block

    That it!

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