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    Hi there,

    Please excuse my ignorance. I come from an old-school development background, so collaborate frameworks are a bit of a jump for me. :-)

    I think I’m starting to get a better understanding of how OroCommerce sits on the Symfony framework. Am I right in thinking that the Oro suite is a combination of lots of “bundles” of code that can communicate with each other? So for example, rather than write a bespoke bit of code, you could see whether a bundle already exists that does the job and add it in to your software?

    My scenario is that I know that once I have got the core OroCommerce up and running I am going to need to add some bespoke elements for the project I am considering. With that in mind would I be able to write my own bundle (or have someone far better qualified to do so) and actually add it into a specific workflow? For example, if I wanted to email a specific person when an order is raised over a specific amount, this logic doesn’t appear to be as standard, so a bundle with the logic in place would need to be created?

    Thanks for your help and time as always. I’ve been using OroCommerce for about six months, and although the learning curve is extremely steep, I feel that the software is really good and could be what I need. Potential EE customer here. :-)

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    Hi Nick,

    Thank you a lot for the kind words and all the feedback.

    Generally there are at least two approaches to customizing Symfony based applications:

    • Create separate bundles for each individual feature or a group of features
    • Put all code into one bundle

    Symfony recommends (and more on this subject here – http://symfony.com/doc/current/best_practices/creating-the-project.html#application-bundles ) to put all your custom code into one bundle. Unless you are working with multiple vendors/developers, each of which would supply his own extensions and modifications, that is probably the simplest and most efficient approach.

    I just recommend to have at least two bundles – one with the code, and another one with your customization of the OroCommerce store frontend theme (possibly more than one if you are planning to have multiple themes, e.g. a separate theme for each of the websites). This way it may be easier to track the theme changes and make adjustments if you need later to upgrade to the next OroCommerce version.

    Thank you,

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