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    Every time i create a configurable product and Search it on the website – the list page shows it but does not display the price even though i have tried all three display formats (inline, popup etc.). It does show the price on the product page but not on the listing page.

    I am suspecting it has something to do with the product attribute – because while i am creating a configurable product the product list shows but under the header attribute type it does not show the specified attributes selected for the product. Maybe that is why price on the listing page does not show.

    Can you help please on the issue.

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    Ilya Antypenko
    Ilya Antypenko

    It’s expected.
    System doesn’t show any information for configurable products on product listing.

    You can customize it using layouts to show price information from configurable product in this case.



    Thanks – Ilya,

    However, when I saw the video tutorial for the configurable product it showed the listed price in the listing, so I thought I did something wrong.

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Hi snb-me,

    Please share the video you are talking about.



    Dear Andrey,

    Please have a look at the video in the below page of orocommerce documentation.


    After searching for the product – on her results page it shows “Listed Price = 9.99$/Each”

    It does not show for my configurable products while i follow all the same steps. Let me know if there is something wrong i am doing.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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