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    Dear Oro Team,

    I understand how to create web-catalog pages & menus. I created a menu item (note) as a category node = Products.

    When I click products the list of products in the sub-categories open up listing each and every product from the subcategories.

    Whereas I wanted a subcategory page to open up which lists all the subcategories included in the products menu item. For example, if I click Product = the page opens up which includes all underlying categories (in preferably a nice box format with Images of category & category name on top & Subcategories name of the side: i.e food Products category, construction products, Stationary supplies, etc. – all the subcategories Icons and clickable buttons to show so client can pick which product category he would like to explore).

    Is this possible to have in my website?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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