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    I have been working on creating new custom field of Product Entity from System > Entity Management > Product > Create New Field. I am able to create the field and update the schema without any errors and even I am able to see the field in the database.

    What I want to achieve is that I want to call the set method of this field from my own created Bundle Controller but after checking the Product Bundle, I don’t find any getter and setter method for the new field I created.

    Please can someone tell me how exactly custom field creation works and how to update the database values corresponding to this column in the database. Do I have to self create the getter and setter methods for the custom field or is there any other way?

    Prabhat Nagpal

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    Methods are created in the cache directory. You can just use like this $product->setNewProperty(). Anyway, if you want to use new property somewhere in code it’s better to use migration.

    Best regards,

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