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    Hi Masters,

    Actually I want to customize the frontend product view by adding select color attribute in order to choose
    product variants that configured based on product family. In the further I would like link >>> that I expected.

    I tried to customize my product view and I followed from Why it shows the old container and the new one like the picture link >> :D

    Please give suggestion about it, And is there any another documentation provided how to customize product view detail ? Especially for ‘configurable’ product ..

    Thanks in advanced

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    Hi, Rio.
    The doc seems to be a bit incomplete and outdated (we’re going to fix them ASAP).
    Nevertheless you should follow it from the start and try to figure out step by step are there any errors which prevent the page blocks to display properly.

    I assume you’re working in dev environment, so
    use developer toolbar to track which blocks are rendered.

    Please feel free to write here for further investigation.



    Hi, Igalayev

    Thanks for the information, right now I just followed that link and it’s work well to seperate product_type between ‘simple’ and ‘configurable’. A bit confuse related the documentation about the sentence
    # src/Acme/Bundle/ProductBundle/Resources/views/layouts/default/imports/oro_product_view/layout.yml

    Should I create configuration files on existing ProductBundle in vendor oro/commerce or we can create own bundle with similiar name as ProductBundle in src/

    Thanks you



    Hi, Rio
    Yes, it’s recommended to extend functionality by adding your own bundle.



    Hi igalayev,

    Yes, already worked with my own bundle, I just inactive/commented the code use ‘#’ on layout.yml for hide the old one

    The file located at commerce/Oro/Bundle/ProductBundle/Resources/views/layout/blank/oro_product_frontend/ and I easily created block_type as I needed :)

    I also tried to follow But there was an error appear related the item of @addTree, the suggestion is I should removed the item of product_index_page due to the duplication id. Here is the screenshoot when reproduced error

    Could you give me some advice to solve it? Thanks :)



    Already worked :D, and the next error is :::

    The options “instance_name” does not exist. Defined options are “additional_block_prefixes” …

    I think the code from .yml file above not recognized from the documentation

    Is there any missing thing? Please give me an advice


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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