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    I’m got the system all up and running with the demo data and I am now trying to create a price list for a specific account group. I’ve updated the system localization settings to the UK and GBP where applicable, but the system still seems to want to work in USD.

    When I create a new price list with GBP-only prices and add a product to the list, the system hangs on the “loading” screen when I select a menu item that contains a product from my new price list.

    If I add the product to the existing default list and add a USD, EUR and GBP price it can be found and it doesn’t hang on the “loading” screen. However it shows the price in USD only.

    I’m nearly there, but I think I don’t quite understand the price lists functionality just yet.

    Appreciate any help you can give. :-)

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    I’ve managed to work out the answer to my own question. To those that are in the same situation where the Euro or the US Dollar isn’t their own currency here’s the solution…

    The fix is to make sure that you are using the Beta 3 version, as it adds an extra option in the administration area under Commerce – Catalog – Pricing in the configuration menu . There’s a new option that allows you to select a display currency. This option isn’t available in the earlier versions.


    nbraithers, thank you for sharing the solution with others.



    Thank you for sharing solution that I was looking for

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