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    Hi Masters,

    I’ve been success installing orocommerce 1.5 in my live server,, the frontend working properly
    but when I loggin as admin from backend ( and there is an error related javascript issue

    I’ve tried to clear cache, assets install and running the message-queue again, but it seems doesn’t work.
    The login process got hang/stopped, here is the picture link

    Here is the error issue ::

    Does anyone know how to solve it ?? Please give some suggestion :)

    Thanks in Advance

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    Unfortunately I cant reproduse this issue.

    I believe your install is not completely passed, and file /web/js/routes.js is not generated.
    Please check do you have routes.js file.
    If file not exist, just run app/console oro:platform:update –force and check in console output next

    After that admin side will be work properly.

    Andrew Fetisov
    Andrew Fetisov

    Hello, Rio. Are you still experiencing a problem with Management console login?



    Hello Andrew,

    Yes actually Im still face this issue in live server, It was worked properly like a charm in 3 – 5 days even I could
    added contacts and customers data.
    But suddenly when i loggin as administrator again, the login form cannot redirect to my dashboard, the error logs guide me to clearing the cache and running the message, clank server again … but it doesn’t work anymore.

    Does anybody know how to solve it … :(

    Thanks in advance



    Hi vitaliyberdylo,

    OMG you’re absolutely right! … I missed this command before clearing the cache …
    php app/console oro:platform:update –env=prod
    So here is the following steps when we clear the cache ::

    – stop supervisor

    – rm -rf app/cache/*
    – rm -rf web/js/*
    – rm -rf web/css/*

    – php app/console oro:platform:update –env=prod
    – php app/console cache:clear
    – php app/console oro:assets:install
    – php app/console assetic:dump

    – start supervisor

    Thanks you vitaly :D

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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