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    I get the following message in the CRM from time to time when i do anything, adding products, category. …

    “There was an error performing the requested operation. Please try again or contact us for assistance.”

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    Przemek Nogaj

    Hello, Salim.

    This is a generic error message. To help you, we need to know more. Can you provide us error from your application log? You can find it in app/logs/prod.log or app/logs/dev.log depending on which environment you are using. If there will be no errors reported, you can try to look into your HTTP server error log file.

    You can also check details of the error in the browser using tools like DevTools in Chrome.



    I have the same problem, when I enter the name of the category, it shows me the error message.
    nothing is mentioned in the log files, but with chrome we see these messages:

    view error




    Hello, msalmi.kais.
    Thank you for screenshots. As I see API url leads directly to root of the domain – “….com/admin/api…”, but application using “…com/web/app.php/…”. Was during installation application url set to “…com/web/”? Or just to root of the domain “”….com/ ?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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