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    Hi Orocommerce developers,

    Orocommerce is extremely powerful and exactly what I wanted. We are planning for a B2B website and Orocommerce has all the features we wanted.
    But unfortunately Orocommerce is very very difficult to work with.. I have worked with Magento and many other major Ecommerce softwares and did many researches on them. But never had such a difficulty to even just change the logo of the site. It took me 3 days to try but finally I failed and just replaced the image through FTP.
    How strange is that?
    So this is for hardcore developers only.
    Planning to giveup on ORO and find good plugin for magento or WP.


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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Anand,

    From our experience, changing the logo should take under an hour, and is considered an easy task. What were your complications?



    Hello Anand,

    For easy start with OroCommerce very useful to check basics of Symfony, for example you can watch

    Regarding logo and in general customizations.
    This is intended to be done by adding bundle for your application and organize needed customizations in it.

    At first needed to create Bundle as outlined here
    and activate it
    also please note that during adding your bundle to the bundles.yml for customizations purpose need to specify priority:

    Then, in order to customize logo you need to create two files, layout.yml in order to load in system another one file with themes, and file with theme itself, in that we override logo block.

    and upload your logo.svg in src/Acme/Bundle/NewBundle/Resources/public/images/logo.svg and do command php app/console oro:assets:install --symlink in order to organize access to your image from actual public directory, after that you can clear the cache php app/console cache:clear and check the changes in dev env http://your.domain/app_dev.php/

    Here exists bundle with different customizations examples and links to the related documentation, you can check it here –



    I am facing same challenges special we don’t have expert of Oro Commerce in Middle East and rare to find freelancers worldwide. but i am keeping it up for now trying to help those grow in Middle East



    All I can say is OROcommerce is not everyone’s cup of tea..
    Anyways I truely hope that someone teach me one on one about how to work with the admin area.
    Like as simple as Creating categories and connecting it with the top menu.
    Adding pages, and many more simple tricks which are few clicks on any other software.
    I am doing my research on this for the past one week and I just added one single product successfully.

    I am thankful to those who replied to this thread.
    If any core team member can help me out with personal touch would be greatful.

    My domain is and if you see I have add couple of links in the top menu but they are not getting linked to any categories. Rings category for example



    I will help you in my free time, send me email to show email



    Hi, Anandnadaar.

    You can learn how to work with admin area from OroCommerce User Guide and OroCRM documentation or by watching training videos in this site Media Library.

    But, probably you already know it, if you’ve successfully managed to create some categories and menus on your site.

    Unfortunately, I’m getting error about suspended account in your site now, therefore I can’t see where the items in your top menu are linked to.

    Anyway, you’re always welcomed to ask your questions on this forum or in OroCommunity slack channels

    The Jackal
    The Jackal

    Hi Anand,

    I agree with you. Too much details hidden under bundles that is not easily known. I like orocommerce a lot but I am also on the verge of giving up. Reading symfony now. (just to know what is going on)

    Developers: The documentation pointed to are a flux (some are outdated in 1.3) and assumes a lot of local knowledge. There’s oro platform, oro commerce and orocrm all mixed in at different points. It’s very hard to follow. Just count and see how many questions in this forum just about logo and customization.

    What’s one thing that would help a lot? Including a sample logo and simple color customization bundle without the need to know how to define themes, the layout structures etc. That’s the number 1 need for any company to start using orocommerce. Something like this download bundle by @opopadko in

    Thanks for listening!

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