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    Michael Paul

    Is there an out of the box solution for handling Discontinued Products. For example: Product 1234 has been discontinued but has been replaced by product ABCD. When a customer searches for or adds product 1234 is there any redirect to the new product with a notification letting the customer know that 1234 is discontinued and that ABCD is a replacement item?

    Is this something ORO has or does it have to be developed?

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    Hello, Michael.

    You may set inventory status Discontinued for the discontinued products and by default these products will not be visible.

    As for search replacement – you may mention old product SKU and name at the description of a new product, so every time user enter old SKU or name in the global search new product will be found. If you don’t like an idea of saving these products in description you may create new text product attribute for substituted products, make it searchable and put there all information about the old products – it will work exactly the same.

    This solution can be done using out of the box features.

    But if you’re developer and want to make it more convenient then you may add product selector instead of textarea, use it everywhere at front office (not only in search), organize redirects from old product URL to new one etc.

    Please, let me know if one of the proposed solutions works for you.


    Michael Paul

    Can i put the URL Slug for the replacement part in the URL Slug field of the old part, so that when a customer searches for or clicks on the old part they are redirected to the new part?


    No, slugs are unique as application has to distinguish products. Instead you may create redirects and redirect user from old slug to new slug. See OroRedirectBundle for more details.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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