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    I’m really close to getting the system up and running, but I’ve hit a brick wall in terms of being able to create an order.

    These are the steps I’ve followed so far:

    • Added a product to the default price list
    • Created a new customer and all of the groups etc
    • Added the product to the Master Catalog and made it visible to the customer
    • Added a few prices to the product for different amounts
    • Set up the local taxes
    • Added an inventory of 1000 just to make sure

    Could you let me know if I’ve missed out any steps? I can select the product, view the details and see the quantities and unit prices available, but I don’t have the option to choose a quantity and add the item to my order.

    Is there an option to tell the community version what workflow I want it to use for a particular customer?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Did you signed in, on your front store? If you are not signed in then you can see only the details of the products but you cannot add them to your shopping list.



    Hi Sparlea – thanks for your thoughts – I’m logged in.

    I was looking at the difference between the demo version and mine. I noticed that the alternative checkout wasn’t active, so I tried to activate it. I got this error “Workflow Scope configuration error: Cannot find entity “Oro\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Entity\Customer” with id “4”.”

    Is there any documentation on the way that explains how to set up the system “out of the box”? I’m sure that I’ve got all of the account information sorted.

    The other strange thing is that it is showing the default price list information, rather than the price list that I’ve selected for the customer group. I’ve cleared the cache to no avail.

    What am I doing wrong? I’m sure it is something really simple but I just can’t spot it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. : -)




    So i tried also to reproduce this error but i couldn’t. My alternative checkout workflow was already activated in my installation. I tried deactivating and then activate it again but it worked for me. Can you tell me the steps you followed maybe i can reproduce this error?

    What you mean when saying “how to set up the system “out of the box””? we have a user-guide documentation here: . If this doesn’t help can you please be more specific on what you are trying to find?

    After you selected the price list make sure that the consumer is running, you need to run this command: app/console oro:message-queue:consume



    Hi Sparlea,

    Thanks very much for your help, I’ve managed to get it to work. Your advice on making sure the consumer did the trick in terms of getting the system to accept the changes that I was making when changing a default price list.

    I need to work out how to make sure that the command is running all of the time; I hadn’t realised that it wasn’t a one-time command.

    I still couldn’t get it to show the quantity, so I added a new product (I’d only been working with one product) and to my surprise, it worked. I could then compare the differences between the two products.

    The only difference I could find was that I created the first product as a “configurable” product. The 2nd time around I created a new product that was “simple”. This one allowed me to add the product to an order. I’ve no idea what the difference is (I’ll take a look again at the documentation) and I did notice that once you have set the product type, you can’t change it.




    You can start the command like: app/console oro:message-queue:consume&
    Notice the ‘&’ at the end of the command, this will start the process in the background.

    Regarding the order for the configurable product i managed to sort it out. So a configurable product itself cannot be added to an order, you need to create simple product, set them as variants of configurable product and in matrix ordering form or on product page you may add simple product to order. For example Configurable product – T-shirt. Simple products – Red t-shirt, Blue t-shirt, you can see that we have the simple products as variants of the same T-shirt product but in different color.

    To be able to add a simple product as variant of a configurable product you have follow these steps:

    • Go to System > Entities > Entity Management
    • Find and Edit the Product entity
    • On the right top corner you have a button create field click it
    • Enter a field name and a field type. Then click continue (For example Size and for the field type choose Select)
    • Add some options that can be selected for the color field. (For example Red, Blue, Green)
    • Click save and close, and now you are taken back to the product entity configuration, on the right top corner there should be a button ‘Update schema’ and click it

    Now we are all set up to add product variants. But first we need to define the colors of the products. Go to products and edit your simple product and set a value for the color field. Save it and edit your configurable product. Here you can see the configurable attributes fields and you can select the Color field. Also in the product variants section of this page you can see a list of simple products that you can select as variant for this product. Select the simple product by checking the Is Variant checkbox. Save the product and now if you go to your front store and click on view details of the configurable product you should be able to select the color, the product unit, the quantity and create an order for this product.

    Hope this helps.

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