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    Application and environment details:
    Product: OroCommerce Version:1.4
    Operating system : Ubuntu 16.04 Server (64 bits)
    Web server name : Apache 2.4.7
    Database server : MySQL 5.5.57
    PHP version: 7.1

    How can I link the products with brands in one go, i am importing the products as bulk.
    I followed these recommendations :
    1) Go to the System -> Entities -> Entity management
    2) Search Product entity
    3) Go to the Product entity view page (exactly view page, not edit page – it’s important)
    4) Go to the section “Fields”
    5) Find “brand” field and go to this field edit page
    6) Scroll to the form section “Backoffice options -> Import/Export”
    7) In field “Exclude field” chose “No” (it’s only mandatory change in this form)
    8) Make other changes, if you want (set column name for CSV file data, for example) (it’s not mandatory)
    9) Press “Save” button

    but the brand field does not display in export and in the import the system does not register the brand field ….

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    Please find Brand entity in Entity management, edit id field and set:
    1. Use As Identity Field: Always
    2. Exclude Column: No

    It will show you brand.id column.

    Best regards



    thank you, it’s work.
    can i show brand.name ?



    In entity management -> Product entity -> Brand field you can set Export Fields to all.

    Best regards,



    Thank you



    where you able to import products and associate to the brand at the same time using the above in the end?


    The Jackal

    Hi Wiktor,

    When I go to Entities/Product/Brand, the option “Use as identity Field” is disabled. I couldn’t change to “Always” like you suggested. How I enable the field? By the way, I already set the Export Fields as “ALL”.

    I am using OroCommerce v3.1, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

    Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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