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    Ingole Avinash

    Hi This Is Avinash
    I am a beginner at development. i have a basic knowledge of symfony. after reading all documentation of orocommerce also im unable to understand coding flow.How many years of experience needed to understand these flow.Just think as i am fresher to coding

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    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello Avinash.

    Basic Symfony knowledge and some real life experience should be enough to start work with the Oro. Technically all Oro applications are just Symfony application with lots of additional features. In other words it is enough to know Symfony to understand structure of the application, but each new feature added by Oro will require some time to learn.

    There are also other skills which are not mandatory, but highly recommended – these are general architectural skills (e.g. design patterns knowledge), general PHP coding skills, general DBMS knowledge etc. It is also highly recommended to know how to debug a PHP application (e.g. using xDebug). Everything else is just a matter of experience.

    Oro applications are quite big and have lots of features, so it is very common for Oro developers to spend some time in the very beginning learning the architecture of these features.

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