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    Good day. As the title says, i want to embed some custom JS files in my orocommerce app. I am reading docs and trying out things for several days now, but didn’t get it solved yet.

    My requirejs.yml:

    My test.js reads:

    My update.yml just contains a single instruction:

    However, it does not work. I will not get ANY console log at all. I am trying for SEVERAL DAYS now to get this working. What did I do wrong? Where do i need to add or change something. WHERE is this documented?

    With kind regards,

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    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk
    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk


    You are in a right direction, but have a few moments that is done incorrectly:
    – you don’t need here update.yml for requirejs_scripts. That item is already in layout tree.
    build_path: 'testscript.min.js' is configured in the application config/config.yml not in requirejs.yml. It is done already, and don’t think that you realy need for change it, unless you 100% sure that is has to be changed.
    'stennotest/js/test.js': '/bundles/stennotest/js/test.js' — left part has to be without file extension, right side has to be without leading slash, e.g. 'stennotest/js/test': 'bundles/stennotest/js/test.js'
    – the most important issue here is — the place where you have defined your requirejs.yml. I suppose it is defined in {{yourbundle}}/Resources/config/requirejs.yml. That config is used for back office side. For front store the correct place is {{yourbundle}}/Resources/views/layouts/{{themename}}/config/requirejs.yml

    Few notes.
    – after any changes in requirejs.yml application cache has to be cleaned and warmed up: bin/console cache:clear and bin/console cache:warmup
    – once added directory {{yourbundle}}/Resources/public it has to be installed with command bin/console assets:install --symlink

    I’ve checked your code and it works fine after fixing comments above.

    Please also take a look how to design you code as components:

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