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    Hi sir,

    I installed orocommerce without loading the demo data. However when I view the frontend, I see some predefined menus in header and footer.

    I want to remove the menus in header and footer area.

    I extended the “OroB2BMenuBundle” in my own custom bundle:

    Then I copy the folder the migrations folder from “oro\commerce\src\OroB2B\Bundle\MenuBundle\Migrations\Data\ORM\LoadMenuItemData.php” to my custom bundle(“src\Appterra\MenuBundle”) to remove the predefined menus. I comment the lines below”

    Then i run the console command: php app/console oro:migrations:load.

    But it did not remove those menus. Did I miss something?

    How can I removed them and make my own menus in header and footer?

    Thank you.

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    Yevhen Shyshkin
    Yevhen Shyshkin


    If you want to remove menus completely you have to use layout updates and remove appropriate blocks from the layout.

    If you want to remove only some menu items then you have to add new migration fixture in your bundle, alter menu items and make sure your bundle is loaded after MenuBundle.

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