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    I’m just starting with OroCommerce and trying to understand a potential limitation of the Community Edition. Our vision is to have different companies, each with their own storefront where they can manage their own products, inventory, landing pages, etc. We still need to keep overall control, but they should have the freedom to do most things. The best example would be something like eBay Stores where eBay manages all the infrastructure, but the company manages their own store. Since OroCommerce focuses so much on B2B, I assumed this would be its sweet spot, but I’m struggling to understand how to do this.

    My concern is that the only way to do this is via “Multiple Websites” and “Multi-Organizations”, which is only supported on the Enterprise edition ( Is this correct? Could I handle this via business units or is would that just be too limiting?

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    In order to have different companies each with their own storefrontend(s) you will need to set them up in the system as different organizations. Business units would not help in this type of scenario because a number of entities in the system can be managed on the organization level and are effectively shared across all business units of the same organization.

    Both “Multiple Websites” and “Multiple Organizations” features are avaible in OroCommerce Enterprise Edition only.

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