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    Mauro Chojrin


    I’m experiencing a similar situation as https://forum.oroinc.com/orocommerce/topic/problem-displays-images-in-frontend/

    Something I noticed is that the original “src” attribute for a given image is, for instance, /admin/media/cache/attachment/resize/product_large/f8ad5f04db8a20c593bca34d27fd6799/212/5d8abc6197260989555596.jpg?version=67ea5915

    Looking in my public directory I can’t see an admin directory but there is a similar file located at public/media/cache/admin/media/cache/attachment/resize/product_large/f8ad5f04db8a20c593bca34d27fd6799/212/5d8abc6197260989555596.jpg

    If I manually change the img src (straight in the browser) to something like /media/cache/attachment/resize/product_large/f8ad5f04db8a20c593bca34d27fd6799/212/5d8abc6197260989555596.jpg?version=67ea5915

    the images are displayed just fine…

    I tried creating a symlink to public/media/cache/admin as public/admin but that didn’t work.

    I just upgraded to OroCommerce 3.1.17 and I hadn’t noticed this issue before.

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    Hi Mauro,

    Please check the “ACL Protected” option of the “image” field of the “Product Image” entity. It should normally be set to “No”.

    1. Screenshot-from-2020-01-10-11-00-39-128x72

    Mauro Chojrin

    Hi Michael:

    Thanks for your answer… I’m affraid that doesn’t seem to be the problem… ACL Protected option is already set to “No” :(


    Mauro Chojrin

    Something strange just happened… now I seem to be able to see the images… perhaps the image resizing was taking longer than I expected…

    I’ll mark the issue as resolved for the time being and keep an eye on it… thanks!


    Mauro Chojrin

    Apparently I was to eager to solve the issue :(

    Just checked the website and the images are broken again… Not only the product images but the categories as well.

    I did the same test as before and found that if I remove the /admin prefix from the img src it works, but I don’t know why such prefix is added to the images.

    Thanks for the help!


    Mauro Chojrin


    I’ve been digging into the code and found that there are two routes that could be used to generate image URLs such the ones I’m looking at:

    • oro_filtered_attachment
    • oro_frontend_attachment_filter_image

    For some reason I still can’t figure out my frontend (in production) seems to be using the first when it should use the second (as in my VM).

    I checked the Oro version in both and it’s the same (3.1.17)… so, since the code is the same, I believe the issue must be a difference in the contents of the database, right?


    Mauro Chojrin

    Ok… so I kind of solved the issue, though I’m not entirely satisfied (since I don’t know why it manifested in the first place…).

    Digging into the code I found this:

    And a little below:

    In my particular case, oro_frontend.guest_access_enabled was not enabled (It never was actually)… when I did enable it my images appeared… in fact, when I unchecked it in the VM I got to reproduce the error…

    I can’t tell for sure but I believe this is a bug that was introduced either in 3.1.16 or 3.1.17 (Up to 3.1.15 I hadn’t had any such trouble).

    The file where I think the problem might be located is vendor/oro/customer-portal/src/Oro/Bundle/FrontendAttachmentBundle/Provider/FileUrlProvider.php

    In fact, if I comment out the lines 159-161 I get the expected behavior (Images shown when I’m logged in as a non-admin user and login required to browse the catalogue).


    Mauro Chojrin

    So again it seems I was to eager to close the issue, hehe…

    With the change I mentioned above I got to see the images displayed ok in the home page, the product page and the category images in the product list page but, for some reason I still can’t see the product images in the list page…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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