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    I’m creating a custom workflow that reuses the Alternative Checkout workflow. I’ve added a few pre-conditions and I can see that those are picked up and processed. It seems that on condition is not being picked up. I say “seems” because I receive no errors in the logs and I see no exceptions, only a single message on checkout which says “Could not perform transition”.

    Let me be very clear about what I’m requesting here. I don’t want help trying to figure out this specific issue. What I really, really want is help understanding how to debug a workflow. Stepping through all the abstractions with xdebug is very time consuming and I’m hoping there’s a better way to zero in on a potential issue. How does the Oro team figure out issues with workflows?

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    There are no special tools at this time.

    Placing a breakpoint into a condition or action and starting from there – this is a typical approach currently.

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