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    I have installed orocommerce version 1.3.0. And updated code as per our requirement.
    I have updated styles.css, and other yml files for styling and I have updated many filed in multiple bundles for other changes. Even I have created a new bundle in the Vendor folder to fulfill our requirement.
    Now I want to upgrade my orocommerce version. If I use git force pull command to upgrade the version it vanished all my changes.
    Is there any way to maintain the changes or I am doing anything wrong. Please help.

    Many Thanks

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    Hello, Mishra338.

    Actually, yes, you should not have modified vendors in any case. It’s the rule – the vendors it’s third-party code and should not be modified never.

    If you want to change vendor code you should use some ways provided by Oro applications architecture, Symfony framework or PHP language itself. For example – create your own bundle, inherited from some vendors bundle. Please, read the articles How to extend existing bundle and How to Decorate Service (Symfony docs) for more details and examples.

    It’s a regular way.

    Another option to change vendors code – send Pull Request with desired changes to vendor’s repository. Maybe, vendor’s code owners accept your request – and after that, you run ‘composer update’ and get desired changes.

    So, at the moment you have to create your own bundle in the ‘src’ folder of your project and move your changes to this bundle. For more detail see Creating the Project Symfony documentation article.

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