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    Tom Van Overbeke


    I’m installing orocommerce on ubuntu 18.04, using php 7.1 & apache 2.4

    I’m hitting a problem during this command:

    php ./bin/console oro:install –env=prod –timeout=900

    Error :
    The application meets all mandatory requirements
    Setting up database.

    In OroEntityExtendBundle.php line 130:

    In ConnectionFactory.php line 87:

    An exception occured while establishing a connection to figure out your p
    tform version.

    You can circumvent this by setting a ‘server_version’ configuration value

    I don’t understand where this error comes from?
    This is my parameters.yml:

    # This file is auto-generated during the composer install
    database_driver: pdo_mysql
    database_port: 3306
    database_name: orocommerce
    database_user: orocommerce
    database_password: xxxxxxxxx
    database_driver_options: { }
    mailer_transport: mail
    mailer_port: null
    mailer_encryption: null
    mailer_user: null
    mailer_password: null
    websocket_bind_port: 8080
    websocket_frontend_host: ‘*’
    websocket_frontend_port: 8080
    websocket_frontend_path: ”
    websocket_backend_host: ‘*’
    websocket_backend_port: 8080
    websocket_backend_path: ”
    web_backend_prefix: /admin
    session_handler: session.handler.native_file
    locale: en
    secret: ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt
    installed: null
    assets_version: 5e2ee391
    assets_version_strategy: time_hash
    message_queue_transport: dbal
    message_queue_transport_config: null
    enable_price_sharding: false

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    Tom Van Overbeke

    Problem solved, the mysql driver was apparently not correctly installed!

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