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    Tom Van Overbeke


    I’m installing orocommerce on ubuntu 18.04, using php 7.1 & apache 2.4

    I’m hitting a problem during this command:

    php ./bin/console oro:install –env=prod –timeout=900

    Error :
    The application meets all mandatory requirements
    Setting up database.

    In OroEntityExtendBundle.php line 130:

    In ConnectionFactory.php line 87:

    An exception occured while establishing a connection to figure out your p
    tform version.

    You can circumvent this by setting a ‘server_version’ configuration value

    I don’t understand where this error comes from?
    This is my parameters.yml:

    # This file is auto-generated during the composer install
    database_driver: pdo_mysql
    database_port: 3306
    database_name: orocommerce
    database_user: orocommerce
    database_password: xxxxxxxxx
    database_driver_options: { }
    mailer_transport: mail
    mailer_port: null
    mailer_encryption: null
    mailer_user: null
    mailer_password: null
    websocket_bind_port: 8080
    websocket_frontend_host: ‘*’
    websocket_frontend_port: 8080
    websocket_frontend_path: ”
    websocket_backend_host: ‘*’
    websocket_backend_port: 8080
    websocket_backend_path: ”
    web_backend_prefix: /admin
    session_handler: session.handler.native_file
    locale: en
    secret: ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt
    installed: null
    assets_version: 5e2ee391
    assets_version_strategy: time_hash
    message_queue_transport: dbal
    message_queue_transport_config: null
    enable_price_sharding: false

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    Tom Van Overbeke

    Problem solved, the mysql driver was apparently not correctly installed!



    I have the same problem, tell please what exactly you did to fix it?

    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Usually, the above error appears when the database credentials are incorrect or the database server is not accessible.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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