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    I am trying to upgrade OroCommerce 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 using the instructions stated here. I am able to successfully perform all the steps but after that when I try to open the frontend, I get the 500 internal server error.

    After debugging the error using dev environment, the main error is:-
    Could not convert database value “” to Doctrine Type array

    Debug log stacktrace it as a TypeConversion Exception.

    Please help me with upgradation process.

    Prabhat Nagpal

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    Please try to find which column exactly fails and update records with ’empty string’ value to empty array e.g. UPDATE table SET column=”a:0:{}” WHERE column = “”;

    Best regards



    Hi Wiktor,

    I am not able to find the table and columns.
    There is so much junk data with null values in the frontend menu fallback table. Admin is working fine other than navigation menus which is showing no records found in the admin end. But I am able to see all my records in the table with lots of null and junk data.

    Is there any way to find out the exact column and table which has the “” values?

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