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    Mauro Chojrin


    I’m having a very weird problem. I just pushed a custom operation that I’ve been developing to production and I noticed there’s a discrepancy in the behavior between the VM and the production server.

    What I’ve noticed is that when I submit a new entry through the form widget in the VM the request looks like this:

    While in the production server it looks like this:

    I don’t know why it is different (the code is exactly the same) but this seems to be preventing the system from executing the method defined in the actions.yml file.

    Another thing I noticed is that in the previous version I had (I’ve been struggling with this for a while), the post was the same as currently on my VM… ¿could there be some cache messing?

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    You can try to run bin/console oro:platform:update --env=prod to warm up all the caches, synchronize the code with the database state, rebuild all the assets, translations and so on. This is the most reliable way I know, to prepare an application for production after deployment.


    Mauro Chojrin

    Thanks Andrey. I actually found a little detail… apparently my VM was not in sync with the host code as I thought (I have to check this… I believe I had a problem early on with the autosync and ditched it…).

    I just upgraded to 3.1.6 on my localhost and made sure the upgrade impacted on the VM so at least I now should be running the same code everywhere…


    Mauro Chojrin

    I recently updated my prod server and the problem didn’t happen again, so I guess there was some issue with the cache.

    I’ll close the issue.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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