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    Mauro Chojrin


    I’m having some troubles with different price lists.

    In my dev environment I’m using the VM with the default data.

    I see this when looking at a particular product:

    Product admin panel

    Here’s the price list:

    Price list

    Here are the clients using that pricelist:

    Clients in list

    When I log in using this customer:

    Client user details

    I search for the product in the frontend and get this:

    Price not available

    Why is the price not available?

    Something similar is happening when I try to create the order from the admin panel:

    Creating an order from the backend

    The price is never filled.

    A while ago I detected there was a problem with the webservice used to fetch the prices (I recently moved from 1.6 to 3.1 and there was a chage from clank server to gos server).

    I thought I saw it fixed but now I’m seeing this problem and, since it’s both on the back and the frontend I’m guessing there must be something off with the price list configuration…


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    Mauro Chojrin

    Ok, I figured it out :p

    Looking at this thread I realized there was a missmatch between the currency used in price lists and default currency for my site. Once I put it all in USD it’s working.



    Mauro Chojrin

    Well… it seems my problem wasn’t that simple after all :(

    I realized that, in production, I have a test client I created myself, with which I can create orders without any problem, but when I do it with real customers I can’t get the prices (Neither in the admin panel nor on the storefront…).

    I checked the differences between the test client and the others and what I noticed was there was a difference in who the owner of the client was and who the sales rep was. I changed that to match but I still couldn’t get it to work…


    Mauro Chojrin

    One thing I just realized is the cronjobs were not running (Another little issue with the migration from 1.6 to 3.1)… the command:

    Had to be changed to:


    Mauro Chojrin

    Well I think I hit on something now.

    I just created a new client using my client’s user (He is not an admin like my user is but a sales manager I believe) and then when I tried to create an order with the new client I got this problem: the prices are not available to him.

    Hope this helps someone reading this figure out what the problem might be :p


    Mauro Chojrin

    Some more info:

    I created a new user (administrator) and created a few clients using this new user… same result. I can only see prices for clients created using my user :(


    Mauro Chojrin

    What I just tried:

    I created a new client within an account that was created by my client and when I went to look for the prices I couldn’t get them… so the problem seems to be at the account level…

    Here’s a little summary of what I found so far:

    My user is mchojrin, my client’s user is ssemmartin.

    1. Clients created by mchojrin in accounts created by mchojrin are ok.
    2. Clients created by mchojrin in accounts created by ssemmartin are not.
    3. Clients created by ssemmartin in accounts created by mchojrin are not.
    4. Clients created by ssemmartin in accounts created by ssemmartin are not.

    In the VM everything seems to be working fine so I’m going to push 3.1.4 into production and see what happens…


    Mauro Chojrin

    I made a new discovery… apparently my whole approach was wrong.

    I’m not sure how the problem came to be in the first place but I’ll comment on how I solved it:

    I have (in prod) four price lists (One entered manually and the other three generated by multiplying the prices in the first by a manually entered factor).

    The first list was the default and when I assigned that list to a client it wouldn’t generate prices for them.

    What I eventually did was creating a new list which would be calculated as the first one multiplied by 1 and have every other list base their calculation on this one.

    This actually did the trick (I had to move the clients from the first list to the new one) and also it allows me to achieve something I was commenting here.

    Thank you all and sorry for all the back and forth.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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