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    we are an oem manufacturing company, we only want to show odm or oem product after specific customer login, it would be greatly appreciated if someone can explain in details how to setup the product visibility, i really do not understand the explanation in oro manual site, thanks

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    You can start from this video
    and documentation guide

    if it’s not enough, please give us some details where you stuck or what is not working as you expected after reading the doc.

    Thank you



    hi Andrey, thanks for your video and documentation guide, but i still found the difficulty on settings the visible of product only for specific customer.

    what i did:
    system > configuration > commerce > customer > visibility both set to ‘hidden’, then no matter what i set in product visibility, the product still be hidden.
    eg: in Product visibility
    1. visibility to All ‘visible’
    2. visibility to customer groups – all group set to ‘visible’
    3. Visibility to Customers to ‘visible’
    but the product still be hidden, even specific customer user login and logout.

    and vice versa if system configuration set both to ‘visible’
    and in product visibility set all fields to ‘hidden’, then the product will be visible no matter login or not.

    can you show me some steps how to setup, my case is OEM products only display under that OEM comsumer login the site, thanks.



    anyone can help? thanks


    Can you please check that the message consumer is running at all times?

    If not, please make sure you followed this section from the installation instructions on configuring the background processes –

    It should be running for the visibility management and many other features (e.g. pricing, emails, import/export) to work.



    thanks, do u have instructions on configuring the background processes for apache server??



    thanks got it!!!

    app/console –env=prod oro:message-queue:consume -vv

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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