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    The Products list disappear after i created new attributes, when i go to this page: /admin/product/ i get this message “Data loading failed, try reloading the page. If the issue appears again please contact your administrator” but the products are still visible in OroCommerce

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    i created Attributes and products family



    Hello, Salim
    Can you please provide more information:
    – what type of attribute was created?
    – maybe there is some error in logs (/app/logs/)?
    – what version of OroCommerce used?
    – maybe it can be reproduced on OroCommerce Demo ( – it would be very useful.

    Thank you



    Hi Ishirko

    Thank you for reply.

    – I did added String and Select types
    – if there an error in logs, what should i do?
    – OroCommerce Version 1.4.2
    – What do you mean by reproduced on OroCommerce?


    Hello, Salim.
    As I understand you’ve added some product attributes with select and string type and product family.
    Can you reproduce your problem on our demo site OroCommerce Demo ( ?
    Try to create the same attributes and family and check how it will work.

    If it doesn’t reproduce please answer next questions:
    – Do you have any code customizations on your instance?
    – Can you send us your error log file with errors that occured on product page?
    – Can you provide us more information about attributes and product family that you’ve added? (screenshots from product attributes view page and product family view page will be very useful)

    Thank you.



    Hi Asolonenko

    I added two attributes different types and i tried to add the product family but i got the following message which is the same message is displaying on the products list without showing the products
    message “There was an error performing the requested operation. Please try again or contact us for assistance.”



    Hi, Salim.

    You see, the message

    There was an error performing the requested operation. Please try again or contact us for assistance.

    is a common message for regular OroCommerce users (not admins) about just the problem exists.

    To find out what the problem is, as usual, we look into following log files for more detailed error description

    • {you orocommerce install folder}/app/logs
    • nginx (or apache) error log file
    • php-fpm error log file

    So, as asolonenko said
    1) if you could send to us this error description from your log files or
    2) if you could reproduce the error in Oro public demo instance
    – it would be a significant help to us in this bug reproducing.



    SQLSTATE[HY001]: Memory allocation error: 1038 Out of sort memory.

    consider increasing server sort buffer size at /home/ubuntu/orocommerce/vendor/doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/PDOStatement.php:91)”} []

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