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    I was working on “Message Queue Jobs and Transport Configuration”, but the Oro Documentation is not very clear about where (i.e., which file in which folder) to do the configuration. I have three questions:

    1) In which folder and which file can I locate this:


    /** @var Oro\Component\MessageQueue\Client\MessageProducer $messageProducer **/
    $messageProducer = $container->get(‘oro_message_queue.message_producer’);

    2) In which folder and file can I create a message processor?

    use Oro\Component\MessageQueue\Consumption\MessageProcessor;

    class FooMessageProcessor implements MessageProcessor, TopicSubscriberInterface
    public function process(Message $message, Session $session)
    echo $message->getBody();

    return self::ACK;
    // return self::REJECT; // when the message is broken
    // return self::REQUEUE; // the message is fine but you want to postpone processing

    public static function getSubscribedTopics()
    return [‘aFooTopic’];

    3) In which folder and file can I “Register it as a container service and subscribe to the topic”?

    class: ‘FooMessageProcessor’
    – { name: ‘oro_message_queue.client.message_processor’ }

    Thanks so much for any guidance!

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    For newbies like me, learn Symphony first before diving into Oro.

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