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    How can I enable redirect slugs for products in webcatalog?
    After disabling it in Admin panel (Enable Direct URLs) redirect slugs disappear. After enabling –
    redirects appear in the oro_redirect_slug table, but do not work in the fronted. Should I do something for that ?

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    1. Are you sure you have your message consumer running?
    2. Are you sure that your web catalog page is not cached by some web accelerator/caching proxy, i.e. varnish, squid, etc?
    3. Could you please give me more information about what is not working? I.e. do you mean redirect slugs do not work for products, slugs for which have been changed, in other words – no redirects from old slugs to new ones? Or just normal slugs do not work, e.g. you have urls like “/product/view/N”, but expect to have “/products/by-category/your-category/product-name-slug”?

    Yefim Yevtushenko
    Software Engineer at Oro Inc




    1. Yes, we sure
    2. Yes, we sure
    3. General problem is that we get urls like “/product/view/N”, but expect to have “/products/product-name-slug”. I found some reason this situation, we use oro commerce 1.3.9:
    3a) Url slug cach (generated by consumer jobs) is stored on filestystem according to settings in service oro_redirect.slug_url.cache.persistent. If we delete cache /var/www/app/cache/* we lost all slug cache. How to regenerate slug cache after clear cache?
    3b) Second problem is related to matching routing and parameters with cache slug information. I noticed that if we want to generate link and pass some parameter which is string numeric (product_id:”3″), Storage cache can not find slug and give us /product/view/N. When we pass numeric value we give correct slug url. This is strange and i suppose it’s bug (i will try to give more information about it soon).



    Hi tjurczak,

    3a) Please do not manually clear cache, but use “cache:clear” command. We have cache warmer which will do the job https://github.com/oroinc/orocommerce/blob/1.3.9/src/Oro/Bundle/RedirectBundle/Cache/SlugUrlCacheWarmer.php#L37

    3b) As soon as you provide additional details, we will have a look at the issue, and will be happy to help. Please attach also detailed STR (Steps to reproduce).



    Hi guys

    I created the product and filled out the URL field,

    but Slugs was left blank,
    Slugs — n/d —
    Meta title — n/d —
    Meta description — n/d —
    Meta keywords — n/d —

    What have I done wrong?


    Hi, fduch
    Check that consumer has processed all messages in queue.
    Do you have Direct URLs enabled in System Configuration?

    Please, provide more details about application version you are using

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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