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    In the demo, on the product menu in the frontend, the second level of categories are shown for the user to select from, i.e., PRODUCTS => BY CATEGORY => Industrial => Lighting Products.

    How is that set up, is that something that’s automatic – show second level of categories – or manual where each category has to be manually entered? I can’t seem to find the configuration for that.

    Please help! Thanks.

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    Hello Jack,
    when you add a new category you have to go to ‘Marketing’ -> ‘Web Catalogs’, edit ‘Default Web Catalog’ and click ‘Edit Content Tree’ button then add new node with category page.
    More details you can find: https://oroinc.com/b2b-ecommerce/documentation/current/user-guide/marketing-web-catalog

    Best regards



    Thank you Wiktor, yes, the next level is there, for example, Light Bulbs => By Industry => Commercial, but I only see Light Bulbs => By Industry on the page menu shown. The next level of sub-categories is not shown.

    Are there any other options I need to select to get this next level to show, or any files I would need to edit?



    I’m guessing this is something simple? Allowing second level categories in the menu?

    I don’t see any where to actually do that in the Admin sections. Of course, I can hard code all of these menus using twig files, but I think I’m missing something.

    Thanks for your help with this!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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