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    Baris Dur

    We have installed OroCommerce on Amazon EC2.
    It ran smoothly in the beginning until we imported around 35,000 products in.
    Now it is very slow. When I click on Products menu link, it takes around 50 seconds to list the products.
    And often it fails to complete listing successfully.

    So, could you provide a specs/number_of_products table or some stats for selecting the optimum specs for an Amazon server.


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    Dima Soroka

    Hi Baris

    We do not have such data for community edition, sizing recommendations are available only for enterprise. Please let us know if you are considering to upgrade.



    Baris Dur

    Hi Dima,
    We will be considering an upgrade, after we come to understand Oro is the right solution for us. We’re testing now.

    And after uploading around 35K products, we’ve seen that the system is very slow when dealing with products (Trying to list the products or clicking on a specific product to view its details)
    How to increase the speed?



    Dima Soroka

    There are few things that we do in EE in order to handle big and large (we have customers with millions of SKUs in the catalog) catalogs:
    1. Technology – EE works with ElasticSearch for catalog navigation related functions and using PosgreSQL
    2. Environment configuration – EE comes with OroCloud hosting where resources and system components configured properly to handle data and load
    3. Support – there are edge case scenarios where our support provides recommendations and advise

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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