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    i’m trying to override Form/Type in Symfony-Orocommerce, and at first, i got this error:

    Cannot read index “namePrefix” from object of type
    “Oro\CustomerBundle\Entity\CustomerUser” because it doesn’t implement

    And after follow this post,i got another error which i can’t solved :(

    The form’s view data is expected to be an instance of class
    MyCode\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Entity\CustomerUser, but is an instance
    of class Oro\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Entity\CustomerUser. You can avoid
    this error by setting the “data_class” option to null or …

    Here is my code:


    What i’ve done here is i change CustomerUserType to MyCodeCustomerUserType, that’s all.



    Thanks for reading, have a good day :)
    Here is my stackoverflow post (if you interesting)

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