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    Guillaume Deneux

    I am trying to overload the service: oro_rfp.form.type.request
    I followed the documentation:
    But I have the following error that appears when clearing the cache:
    I don’t understand what i have to do.

    Thank you for your help

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    “By convention, the old app.mailer service is renamed to app.decorating_mailer.inner, so you can inject it into your new service.” – they meant that the original service becomes available as NEW_SERVICE_ID.inner, or in your case custom_rfp.decorating_rfp_request_decorator.inner


    Guillaume Deneux

    I thought I tried it. Thank you!
    So now I have :

    La classe :

    But now I have the following error:

    The type name specified for the service “oro_rfp.form.type.frontend_request” does not match the actual name. Expected “Oro\Bundle\RFPBundle\Form\Type\Frontend\RequestType”, given “Custom\RFPBundle\Form\Type\Frontend\DecoratingRequestType”

    Do you have an idea of the problem ? I spent several hours without success ..

    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Form types should not be decorated like regular services.
    Instead, it’s recommended to use form type extensions where you can update the original form type


    Guillaume Deneux

    Great, that’s what I needed, it works, thank you!

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