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    Let me firstly state that: I follow closely Oro project since the day it was announced years ago. I’m a big fan of Oro’s leadership (ex-Magento founders) and their brilliant mindset. I’m a big fan of Symfony. I digged very very deeply into Oro’s core for days and I’m impressed about the software built. I like the solid documentation, UX, platform flexibility, tests, friendly community, responsive support, … I could go on and on. Bottom line: I’m sure I would be extremely happy with Oro (especially with OroCommerce) and devotely build my career for the next decade on top of Oro ecosystem.

    The problem comes here: Let’s say that I decide to invest 6 months mastering the platform. Literally working full-time for free to the ecosystem in order to get involved with the community members and to build a strong business network. Writing valuable blogposts and recording videos like tutorials, tips and tricks. Speaking on conferences and sharing knowledge. Organizing Meetups. Organizing Hackatons. Creating open-source bundles. Replying and being active on the forum. After such level of investiment, endeavors and dedication, I don’t think there would be many real business opportunities for me yet (projects, jobs, partnerships, consultancies firms, contracts). Well, at least not at this point where B2B looks super-super-super promising but doesn’t actually have an abundance of projects.

    On the other hand, on the Magento ecosystem there is an abundance of business opportunities for me. When I leave a project/company/position there are thousands of other opportunities I could quickly (and easily jump to): agencies, Magento partners, consultancies, extension firms, merchants… Unfortunately, I don’t think the same would happen with Oro any time soon. Obviously, we must have patient and carefully consider that 1) Oro is a new platform 2) Magento luckily was born in an unprecedented boom for ecommerce (perfect time to market – critical thinking: perhaps if Magento was born today it wouldn’t reach even 10% the size it has right now) 3) nowadays the competition is much harder, sophisticated and consolidated – I fully acknowledge life is not all beauty: establishing a popular B2B platform is harder than it looks like.

    That being said, I would like to kindly hear from Oro team the current growth situation of Oro products. Thus I’ll be able to reevaluate the question that pops-up to my mind constantly: “Why should I leave Magento and start investing my career on Oro in 2020?”

    • How is the platform growth going? Is it being worldwide adopted? Is it really really happening?
    • What is the current situation of jobs, consultancy, projects, work demands?
    • How many active installs does Oro have?
    • How big is Oro community?
    • What agencies/partners/consultancy firms are holding the biggest projects? Are they constantly looking for OroNinjas?
    • Will not be there events like Magento Imagine in 2020? Is not there such event which I can get to know in person most of the people from the ecosystem?

    Thank you so much! Thanks for helping!

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