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    Hello again,

    I have another problem with totals calculation. It happens on front store and in admin panel. Look at the screenshots:

    Front store:
    Front store calculation

    Admin panel:
    Admin panel calculation

    How to fix this?

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    Andrew Fetisov
    Andrew Fetisov

    Hi r.grabosz!
    Are you still experiencing problems with this issue?
    Have you tried to run app/console oro:price-lists:recalculate –all -vvv command ?
    Do you have error messages in it?



    Hi Andrew!

    Yes, I still have problem with wrong tax/totals displaying (probably wrong number formatting or wrong multiplies/divides by 100 or 10000).

    Output of command is successfull, issue isn’t solved:

    Andrew Fetisov
    Andrew Fetisov

    It seems here issue related to display formatting.
    Can you check oro_shopping_list_total table, find there yours shopping list and check subtotal_value field? In front store subtotal correct – 6500, but in admin panel its multiplied by 1000 as i see.
    – Can you create an order with different product and check total again please?
    – Can you create same order with another currency (dollar) settings? May be some issues with yours currency settings.
    – Which version of Commerce do you have?



    In <i>oro_shopping_list_total</i> table total is okay. Different products or currencies – does not change issue.

    Total amount on order list in Sales -> Orders is okay. In order details it’s wrong, the same as tax amount.

    On front there is problem only with tax amount.

    OroCommerce packages version:

    Andrew Fetisov
    Andrew Fetisov

    I cant see problem with tax amount. It depends on yours own tax settings, both amounts on front an back are equal (149 779,00)
    I just tried to create order and subtotal amount calculated correctly on the same version. Can you share the screenshots of the product view page in the admin please? It’s hard to guess what’s wrong without any details and steps to reproduce.



    I guess that order totals and taxes are calculated correctly, but displayed wrong.

    In product view page in admin panel there’s nothing about tax. Tax is setted up to 23% rate, product price in price list is 1 qty = 1300.00 zł. Shipping includes 23% rate tax too. The only difference between product tax and shipping tax is that product prices does not include tax (net), but shipping price includes (gross).

    Ilya Antypenko
    Ilya Antypenko

    Hi @r.grabosz.

    Could you show screenshot of /admin/tax/ and /admin/tax/rule/ ?
    Could you write steps to reproduce? It allows us to reproduce this issue locally.



    Hi @iantypenko,

    Here are these screenshots:





    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create tax 23% rate
    2. Create product tax code
    3. Create customer tax code
    4. Create tax jurisdiction
    5. Create tax rule including 4 points above
    6. Set product prices to not include tax
    7. Set shipping prices to include tax created in step 1.
    8. Create product with tax code from step 2.
    9. Create customer account
    10. Create customer group with tax code from step 3.
    11. Create customer with tax code from step 3. and assign it into group from step 10.
    12. Create customer user and assign it to customer from step 11.
    13. Login into created customer user, add i.e. 5 pieces of product to shopping list
    14. Go to checkout
    15. Look at tax total
    16. After order completion go to admin panel and check order totals in order details


    Hi, r.grabosz.

    I created all described taxes. Added new product with new tax, new customer, customer group and customer user with new taxes. On front store I added new product with quantity 5 to shopping list and create product.

    Totals calculated correct. Can’t reproduce this issue.

    Please, tell me, what steps I missed?



    Hi msulima,

    Maybe try in “polish zloty” currency (PLN) with 2 decimal places :/


    Sorry, but I still can’t reproduce issue.
    I will try it on older version of application and let you know.
    And you, please try to reproduce it on latest master.


    Hi, r.grabosz.
    We recently release 1.3 LTS version application. Did you update to it or you still have described problem?

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