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    Being able to see and understand relationships and level of influence between accounts that are connected would be helpful.

    Some examples of Related Accounts:

    • B2C (family related, neighbors, co-worker, same church, etc)
    • B2B (partner, supplier, distributor, consultant, dealer, etc)
    • Mixed B2B/B2C (employer/employee, pastor/parishioners, etc)

    Household A and Household B are related as parents/siblings/cousins. Household A and Household B could be seen has having a high level of influence with each other and marketing campaigns and workflows could be targeted specifically for accounts that have influence with each other.

    Household A is neighbors to Household B, if Household B has a bad experience they may share negative experience with Household A causing a second account to be in jeopardy. Household B could be seen as having some influence with the other account, and thus be given high priority to resolve their issue. Also preemptive action could be taken to Household A by offering them a special discount or other marketing campaign targeted for at risk accounts.

    Business A has partnership with Business B and understanding that relationship helps determine which products to market and offer to either Business A or Business B.

    See all known distributors/dealers for a product manufacturer. Use this as the basis to create a campaign offering either complimentary products or competing product offerings to the related accounts.

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    Could also indicate relationship likelihood or confidence levels.

    Confirmed relationship vs Suspected/Probable Relationships


    Artem Liubeznyi


    This is a great idea, I will add it to our feature backlog. We have plans to introduce hierarchical relations between accounts one day, and your ideas should add more flavor to it.

    Thank you very much for suggestions! Please keep them flowing :)

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