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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve reviewed almost every CRM out there and while looking at Oro I see a lot of potential in how it manages the sales process, however as it stands right now I couldn’t use it in our day to day actiivties, here’s why:

    Background: We sell hosted telecom/data services to medium sized corporate clients, everything is B2B.

    Our process consists of entering a lead qualifying it, quoting the customer, creating an opportunity from the quote and then eventually closing, creating the account and contact along the way. From that process Oro can do everything except the most crucial step in our eyes, which is quoting. Not only do we need to quote one time items such as hardware but we also need to quote monthly services which are usually broken down into separate sections on the quote. Right now we can do this in sugar but their workflow is clunky along with the interface. If we could have the sugar quote module in Oro, we’d be %95 there and probably migrate.

    Also, to be honest on the dashboard items most visualizations are kind of useless for everyday action items. What I personally want to see are my most recent leads, my top ten opportunities, maybe a to do list and a calendar. I really don’t need funnels, pie charts, etc. I need data fast to start my day by hitting the phone or email and then plan my meetings.

    I know some of this is on your roadmap, and I hope that we’ll see it soon. These suggestions are meant to help you produce a robust product, please let me know if you’d like to see our current quoting system, etc..

    I’m happy to help.

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    Yoav Kutner

    @bcmike – Thank you for your feedback. You are right and we do have on our roadmap a Quotes Management feature that we plan to work on in 2015 and we constantly improve the dashboard functionality. Thank you for your offer to give us a demo please let me know what is the best way to set this up.

    Thank you and Happy New Year,


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