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    I need help from OroCRM specialists or just more experienced users!

    My case:

    We have list of companies and list of contacts. Few contacts can belong to one company, as well as one contact can belong to few companies (or it might be just the same First and Last name for few different contacts).

    If we first import contacts and then accounts, all contacts that are related to one company creates duplicated accounts. So, if there are five contacts that belongs to one company, five accounts will be created – for each contact separate account.

    If we first add accounts and then contacts (choosing add), all contacts creates duplicated accounts in addition to imported accounts (as many as contacts for each account).

    If we first add accounts and then contacts (choosing add and replace), we loose contacts, that are related to few accounts in one time.

    Please, advice, how I should import them to get all necessary accounts and contacts without loosing something or duplicating.

    Link to data source:

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