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    Miguel Rincon

    Hi all,

    I am setting up OroCRM for a B2C use case. I would like opportunities to convert into orders (which are connected to products).

    However, I only find such feature with Magento orders and this is an offline retail use case.

    What is the appropiate solution for Offline Retail?

    • Should I integrate OroCommerce? It seems to be made for Online B2B.
    • Should I use Magento’s orders?
    • Rollout my own Order Bundle?
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    Miguel Rincon

    Yurii Muratov

    Hello, Miguel Rincon.

    I think that in your case the best choice will be the creation of your own Order Bundle.

    The OroCommerce is the B2B sales application. So it will have a lot of redundant functional in your case.

    The usage of Magento bundle entities is not good idea because Magento Bundle was created to be used with the real Magento instance. So, to be able to use this bundle, you have to configure Magento channel and integraion.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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