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    I am quite new to OROCRM and I was wondering how to create a B2B customer without having the need of an account, as B2B customers are supposed to replace accounts…
    Also, how can I add more than one contact to a B2B customer?

    What works: I create a dummy account and insert it for all the B2B customers.. the question is: what does this break? Also, as I can delete the account later on, what does this break even more?

    Thank you for your help,

    MW – littlebuddha

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @littlebuddha !

    The idea here is that account entity now performs as the “umbrella” entity for all customer identities across multiple channels, displaying all their data in a single view.

    So, actually if you want to connect multiple contacts to b2b customer, you can do this for account that is related to it.


    Yoav Kutner

    @littlebuddha – let me add to Alexanders explanations. In other CRMs we have been using or looking at the account has mostly one schema that may be extended or modified as needed but that falls short if you want to have multiple customer channels under a single account (e.g. have a B2B customer that is also a Web Customer). By having the related account entities we allow for these entities to match the exact data and attributes each customer channel brings into OroCRM, and allow viewing them under one account record. That said we are improving the user experience so that for the CRM user the related account entities will not need to be even exposed directly and the user will be able to interact with the account record and related entities on the account page and related workflows if any.

    I hope that helps a bit to explain our vision in creating such a flexible CRM system





    Thank you for your reply.

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