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    I need a deployment of the crm, for my personal use, without the Accounts bundle. In what I want to do I only want to work with leads & contacts & business customers and have oportunities and all the rest – but I no not have use for and I do not want to bother with, Accounts.

    I do not only want to hide the menu item but I’d like to completely remove all references to this bundle (obviously in an upgrade safe manner).

    Do you think it can be done easily? I know the Accounts bundle is tightly connected to the Contact and SalesBundle but I also know that OroPlatform/CRM is an excellent and very flexible application.
    (I’m not affraid of getting my hands dirty on php ;))


    oro/platform(1.6.2) + oro/doctrine-extensions(1.0.7) + symfony/symfony(v2.3.27)

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    I’ll try to be more precise:
    I’ve read here Understanding Accounts, Channels, and Customers and I suppose this is a really carefully thought out and flexible structure to be able to represent complex situations.
    However, in my case, this is over complicated.

    I am not interested in multiple channels so I just create one ‘Default’ custom type channel with entities: Customer Identity, Lead, Opportunity.

    I start off from a lead called ‘Franco’.
    If I want to open an opportunity for this lead – I must add an ‘Account’ (I call it ‘Franco Ltd’).
    But really, I end up with the opportunity related to a b2bcustomer entity called ‘Franco Ltd’ which is related to an the Account ‘Franco Ltd’.

    But to be honest I do not want to have neither the Account nor the b2bcustomer entity type.

    I’d like to have an opportunity connected to my lead directly (which is now not possible but maybe just needs custom field) and when I close my opportunity as “Won!” convert my lead to Contact and relate the new contacty to the Opportunity (workflow stuff?).

    That’s it – skip account and customer stuff all together.

    Do you think I can achieve this without dismantling the entire application?

    I have a feeling the thing is with the ‘Customer Identity’ object automatically added to my custom type channel – would the way to go be to create a different type for channels with something like B2CCustomer?


    oro/platform(1.6.2) + oro/doctrine-extensions(1.0.7) + symfony/symfony(v2.3.27)



    I would also like to use just B2B customer types, and have little need for accounts.


    Miguel Rincon

    Hello from 2018,

    From my understanding, SalesForce used to force users to create a reference to Accounts, however this was removed in newer versions.

    In some B2C scenarios, the CRM process can be done without the need to create an Account, while keeping other reference intact.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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