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    I have a weird issue with the segmentation management. Here is the scenario, I would like to get a list of contacts having the tag X but exclude contacts having the tag Y.
    For that I created a new segment, define the list of field I wish (email, firstname and so on) then add several filters. Here are the filters I use:

    The problem is I get contacts having also the tag “agency” although I want to exclude them from the list and keep the other contacts who have the tag “magento”.

    Do I do something wrong ?

    Thank you for your reply


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    thank you

    Bless you

    Good idea :)

    Vita Pogrebnyak
    Vita Pogrebnyak

    Hi Sylvain,
    Incorrect behavior of “does not contain” condition for Tags is one of already known issues.
    Thanks for highlighting it so we can give higher priority to it and fix ASAP.

    Feel free to ask any other question!

    Best regards,



    Hi @diglin,

    In the master we have added new field (not relation) named “Tags” for entities marked as taggable, which can help you with correct filtering by tags in your reports.

    Best regards,
    Denis Voronin

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