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    I have these fields:

    createdAt, ID (both are standard orocrm fields)

    What I want to create is a report that shows how many leads have been created on each date, e.g.:

    2019-04-24 43
    2019-04-23 33
    2019-04-22 51


    And in the future I would probably like to add some more information (e.g. which person created how many leads on those dates).

    I tried the following settings in a custom report:

    Entity: Lead
    Columns: Lead>ID (function: count. sorting: descending)
    Columns: Lead>Created At (function: none. sorting: none.)
    Grouping: Lead>Created At
    Grouping by date: enabled. Date field: createdAt.

    The only thing this does is create a table with these fields:

    2019-09-03 | 0 | [empty]
    2019-09-02 | 0 | [empty]
    2019-09-01 | 0 | [empty]

    So… it’s not showing any recent dates, ID is always 0 and ‘created at’ is always empty. I’ve tried playing with most settings but am not able to figure it out.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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