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    I need some help with custom reports.

    Can we somehow get a custom report of how much time a user needs to respond in average on emails?

    and also,

    how much email messages did each support person exchanged with the customer?

    For example: I want to track how productive our support team is? Our support uses emails.

    Thank you.

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    Przemek Nogaj

    Hello Matej,

    I reviewed our data structures and by default – it will be hard to determine how much time a user needs to respond to email. You probably will need to create a custom solution that will log that times in correlation with given e-mail. Then you can simply use Average function during creating a custom report.

    Referencing to the second part of your e-mail – you can simply use Email entity as an entry point and use Account relation to group on customer level or Contact Entity to group on e-mail addresses.

    For example you can start with:

    Email / UsersLast name
    Email / AccountsAccount name
    Email / ContactsPrimary / Email
    Email / Id – use Count function here

    Email / Users / Last name
    Email / Accounts / Account name
    Email / Contacts / Primary Email

    in your first report and try to customize it.



    Thank you Przemek for your help.

    What if we use cases entities instead of emails to track average time spent on each case by each user. I see there is a status for each case.

    Can we use custom reports to calculate time duration from status open till status close?

    But here I’am not sure how to include and handle reopened cases?

    By the way; are there other best practisies to handle support team productivity (time spent handling customers).

    Thank you.

    Best regards.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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