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    Hi Team,

    Is there any possibility wherein at some places we can use Nodejs for coding . If so in Application where all can we use Node js for Developing instead of Symfony(PHP) for Better Performance & for Robust system structure. since as noticed Nodejs is also one of dependency while installing OROCRM so curious to know where all we can include Nodejs code. Please need guidance if it is possible & any module contains reference code for the same.

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    My friend he works at big COmpany, he says he is very very good developer. He told me that node JS is very bad for development. He thinks node JS is Very insecure and no stable, he aslo said it is hard to debug node JS and node JS programs have many bugs and can be Hacked by ANY hacker. I read on stakoverflow site that php is written in C and C Plus Plus. I think it is much better to write code in c plus plus. My freind said they pay a lot to c delopers who know to embed their code. Can you give me examples to embed my code into ORO? I want to learn to embed my code into ORO and i want to be good c developer.

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