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    Dear all,

    These may seem very obvious, but i haven’t found the solution yet.

    I have synched Oro with Magento and all my subscribers have appeared in the list. I also have a lot of subscribers on Mailchimp only, so my questions are:

    1. How do I sync Mailchimp contacts with Oro? via CSV? because syncing within Oro is not working. What happens if someone subscribes to my mailchimp list rather than magento, do they automatically sync with Oro?
    2. If I sync my Mailchimp customer base, will it override the existing contacts from Magento? Or will it leave existing emails untouched?

    Thank you :)

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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Julia,

    1. Yes, right now CSV import is the only option. We only use MailChimp integration to send out campaigns to subscribers that exist at OroCRM side so there is no sync between subscribers. Answering your second question, if someone new subscribes to a MailChimp list, they won’t be synced to OroCRM, but if an existing OroCRM subscriber will un-subscribe from a MailChimp list that is synced with OroCRM, they will be unsubscribed at OroCRM side as well.

    2. Contact import has no duplicate check, so I would recommend the following course of actions:

    a) Export all your OroCRM contacts to CSV
    b) Export all your MailChimp contacts to CSV
    c) Combine both files in Excel preserving the OroCRM column structure
    d) Use Remove Duplicates function to find and remove records with duplicate emails in your list. IIRC Excel removes duplicates from top to bottom so make sure your OroCRM block comes on top of MailChimp one—this will ensure your existing contacts will remain unaffected.
    e) Save the combined file as CSV and import it back to OroCRM

    If everything goes right, your OroCRM contacts will stay in place, and new contacts will be created for new MailChimp subscribers.

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