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    I’m reading through the `README.md` for the `oro/distribution-bundle` bundle, and I’m a little confused as to how I, as a third party developer, can take advantage of the features describe din this bundle.

    A casual reading ot the `README` makes it sound like I can add a


    file to my bundle and have it automatically registered in `AppKernel.php`, **without** needing to edit this core distribution file. However, after doing a standard OroCRM install, and adding a `bundles.yml` file to my bundle, it is **not** auto registered.

    Reading futehr, it sound like this bundle may not be a part of the standard distribution.

    Add the `oro/distribution-bundle` package to your `require` section in the `composer.json` file.

    However, if I follow the instructions and add the following to my `compser.json`

    I receive the following error

    The “https://api.github.com/repos/laboro/DistributionBundle” file could not
    be downloaded (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)

    Before I go to the trouble of filing a formal bug report — is this feature ready for third party developers to use? Am I missing something obvious about **how** to use it? Any pointers ar appreciated.

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    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    The installation section of distribution bundle is not correct and will be updated in next release. Unfortunately this bundle is not available for now as a standalone package that can be easily used with any Symfony 2 based application.

    This bundle works well in scope of platform-standard and crm-standard distributions so you can test it with any other bundle that developed based on OroPlatform.


    Dima, thanks for the quick answer. However, I’m not sure I got my question across correctly. I wasn’t asking about using this bundle in stand-alone Symfony 2 projects. I was asking about using it for creating bundles for OroCRM (which is what I assume you mean by “scope of platform-standard and crm-standard distributions”)

    I have OroCRM installed via the `$ git clone …`; `composer install` method. In addition to this, I have a custom bundle I’m working on in the `src` folder. I have been enabling this bundle by directly editing `AppKernel.php`.

    Examining the oro system code, it appears I should be able to add the following file to my bundle

    and have it auto-register — meaning I don’t need to have the extra code in `AppKernel`.


    1. Is the above correct? Is the `bundles.yml` file meant as a replacement for editing the `AppKernel.php` file

    2. If so, how can I use this for my own bundles which extend and enhance OroCRM functionality.

    I tried adding a `bundles.yml` file to my module and it didn’t appear to work. Before I spend a significant amount of time reverse engineering this system, I wanted to check here and make sure this feature works in RC2, and that I’m using it correctly. I realize for someone who works with this system daily that this probably seems like a simple question, but to someone coming into the system new it’s a little confusing.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Hi Alan

    Sorry, didn’t get your question right at the beginning. Your understanding of bundles.yml is absolutely correct and should work as you expected. I can guess maybe you didn’t call:

    Please try if it helps. Also you can find step by step instructions in our how to guides which we are planning to convert into HTML and publish a bit later.

    Please let me know if I can help with something else.


    That Dima — it looks like `collectBundles` won’t find `bundles.yml` in a symlinked folder. Bug report and suggested fixe [opened on GitHub](https://github.com/orocrm/platform/issues/58).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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