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    Hello, Hello…

    I just created a new account for ~10 existing contacts with orders.

    However, Lifetime Sales Values didn’t update. Is this a bug? Or functionality?


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    Upon further review…I think this might be an issue with our install and customizations we did to Magento.

    Still happy to hear opinions.

    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi


    Are your orders connected to Account via Contacts, or via Web Customers?

    The default account structure of OroCRM should be like this: Account → Customer account entities (B2B Customer, Web Customer, etc.) → Channel data (Leads, Orders, etc.).

    The Lifetime Sales value is calculated on Channel data for every customer profile and then totaled for the entire account. The default algorithm calculates total close amount of Opportunities for B2B-type channels and total amount of Orders for Magento-type channels.

    In your situation I would suggest creating a new channel type with its own Customer profile entity that will connect Accounts and Orders together.

    Thank you.



    @artml – thanks for taking the time to point this out. It makes sense at a high-level. However, I don’t have the all the OroCRM concepts sorted out in my head.

    @Soroka – Any update on the end user documentation, I’m eager to finally get a handle on all of this stuff.

    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    We published additional documentation recently, please take a look into user guide and into glossary.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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