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    Hello Froum, we have been using ORO for quite some time now but not getting it 100% right.
    I am now looking for Orocrm pro, whit deeper knowledge to set things up together whit us. It quite critialc to our bussniess success so we can offer god payment, to straight things out.
    Wi use m1,9 and Orocrm 2.3

    Here under is the task we need to solve.
    If I import (CSV) my leads into Oro and assign them to sales, I a imported customer later make a account on Magento-shop, will there be a duplicate contact E.g. 1 of i first imported from the start. 1 of whit gotten when register in the magneto shop?

    We need help understanding the import logics of of oro, and possible set it up after our needs.

    How do can we marge, delete and remove unwanted customer related data in ORO?

    4. (Business Customer record.) it is possible to enable this why should we do that? and what do we have to day?

    5. (Sales Pipeline in OroCRM) We are working in different way were of the customers buy every week if they trust us, so we work more on continuous business and not one big sales, lots of repeat order and thus lots of repeat contact to keep customers happy etc. We like to adept oro to our salesflow.

    6. We are looking for 2 way sync leads m1 > orocrm and back?

    Some of the task might need a coder depend of you skill set.
    Thanks For a great system.
    Please ad me on skype at:cermis

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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